Registrar’s Office

Registrars Office

Registrar’s  Office  is a  service for  registration of complete  information on educational achievements of students, provides the organization of all kinds of assessment and calculation of  academic rating.

Head of the Registrar’s Office: Nuralina Ainur Kuanyshevna

Address: Almaty, 050063, Zhetysu-1 mcr.,  B 32a

Kazakh University of Transport Communications, Educational Building 1,  office 204a,

 Opening hours daily  8 00 -17 00

Phone: 8-727-376-74-78 (int.537),


  1. Responsibilities of the Registrar’s Office

1.1  Analysis and planning of Registrar’s Office activity;

1.2 Management and computerization of the process of drawing up the academic records for

all specialties;

1.3  The organization of educational process, registration and transfer of year to year;

1.4  Formation of academic groups and batches;

1.5  Monitoring the drawing up of the individual student plans

1.6  Coordination of assessment policy and GPA level;


       In universities educational process with the use of credit system is organized in the following forms:

- -Classroom training: lectures, practical classes (seminars, colloquia), laboratory sessions, studio sessions;

- Extracurricular classes: independent work of students, including teacher-led (IWST) individual counseling, Internet sessions, videoconferences, teleconferences;

- Conducting training and professional practices, research projects, preparing thesis (project).

- Assessment of educational achievements of students: on-going and midterm assessment (during classes, testing on the topics of discipline, test papers, defense of laboratory work, term papers, colloquia, etc.), Intermediate certification / total control (testing on sections of discipline, the examination , defense  of reports after practice), final state certification (defense of degree work (project)).

- Develops forms of training documentation (guide of students, individual educational plans of students and so on.) In accordance with the requirements of the credit system of education;

- Carries out the relationship with other universities, institutions and agencies dealing  with education credit with a view to sharing experience and practicing the advantages of the credit system.

1.8 Maintenance and management of information required for the student:

- Keeping records of academic achievements of students;

- Organization of the current rating of students;

1.9 Drawing up the schedule of interim and final assessment for all forms of learning;

1.10 Issue of transcripts;

1.11 Interaction with t advisors, tutors and faculty administration.

1.12 Preparation of documents of expelled and readmitted students;

acceptance of documents of the students transferred from other universities;

1.13 Implementation of accounting of students movement

             2. Assessment of students achievements.

           Learning Outcomes of students for all types of academic assignments and tasks are assessed by the point-rating literal system of assessment in accordance with the State educational standards for monitoring and evaluation of knowledge in the universities, with the transfer to the traditional rating scale.


        Monitoring the progress of the student is systematic assessment  of students' knowledge in accordance with the professional training program, carried out by teachers in the classroom and extracurricular classes according to the schedule during the academic period with the completion of of the session in the form of tests.


          The interim assessment of students is a procedure performed in order to assess the quality of mastering by students of the content of the entire volume of a studied discipline after completion of the course. The interim assessment of students is accompanied in the form of exams.

         Final assessment of students is a procedure performed to determine the extent of mastering  of the scope of disciplines provided by the state compulsory standards of education.

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Contact information

Academic buildings № 1

Теl.: 376-74-78 (ext. 515); Fax: 376-74-81
Аddress: Zhetysu-1 mcr., B.32а,
Almaty, The Republic of Kazakhstan, 050063

Academic buildings №4

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Almaty, The Republic of Kazakhstan, 050063,
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