Registrar’s Office

Registrars Office

Registrar’s  Office  is a  service for  registration of complete  information on educational achievements of students, provides the organization of all kinds of assessment and calculation of  academic rating.

Head of the Registrar’s Office: Nuralina Ainur Kuanyshevna

Address: Almaty, 050063, Zhetysu-1 mcr.,  B 32a

Kazakh University of Transport Communications, Educational Building 1,  office 204a,

 Opening hours daily  8 00 -17 00

Phone: 8-727-376-74-78 (int.537),


  1. Responsibilities of the Registrar’s Office

1.1  Analysis and planning of Registrar’s Office activity;

1.2 Management and computerization of the process of drawing up the academic records for

all specialties;

1.3  The organization of educational process, registration and transfer of year to year;

1.4  Formation of academic groups and batches;

1.5  Monitoring the drawing up of the individual student plans

1.6  Coordination of assessment policy and GPA level;


       In universities educational process with the use of credit system is organized in the following forms:

- -Classroom training: lectures, practical classes (seminars, colloquia), laboratory sessions, studio sessions;

- Extracurricular classes: independent work of students, including teacher-led (IWST) individual counseling, Internet sessions, videoconferences, teleconferences;

- Conducting training and professional practices, research projects, preparing thesis (project).

- Assessment of educational achievements of students: on-going and midterm assessment (during classes, testing on the topics of discipline, test papers, defense of laboratory work, term papers, colloquia, etc.), Intermediate certification / total control (testing on sections of discipline, the examination , defense  of reports after practice), final state certification (defense of degree work (project)).

- Develops forms of training documentation (guide of students, individual educational plans of students and so on.) In accordance with the requirements of the credit system of education;

- Carries out the relationship with other universities, institutions and agencies dealing  with education credit with a view to sharing experience and practicing the advantages of the credit system.

1.8 Maintenance and management of information required for the student:

- Keeping records of academic achievements of students;

- Organization of the current rating of students;

1.9 Drawing up the schedule of interim and final assessment for all forms of learning;

1.10 Issue of transcripts;

1.11 Interaction with t advisors, tutors and faculty administration.

1.12 Preparation of documents of expelled and readmitted students;

acceptance of documents of the students transferred from other universities;

1.13 Implementation of accounting of students movement

             2. Assessment of students achievements.

           Learning Outcomes of students for all types of academic assignments and tasks are assessed by the point-rating literal system of assessment in accordance with the State educational standards for monitoring and evaluation of knowledge in the universities, with the transfer to the traditional rating scale.


        Monitoring the progress of the student is systematic assessment  of students' knowledge in accordance with the professional training program, carried out by teachers in the classroom and extracurricular classes according to the schedule during the academic period with the completion of of the session in the form of tests.


          The interim assessment of students is a procedure performed in order to assess the quality of mastering by students of the content of the entire volume of a studied discipline after completion of the course. The interim assessment of students is accompanied in the form of exams.

         Final assessment of students is a procedure performed to determine the extent of mastering  of the scope of disciplines provided by the state compulsory standards of education.

Academic Calendar for 2022-2023 academic year


Sample application

State scholarships for students of the Republic of Kazakhstan

 The procedure for passing the PA and IA with proctoring and appeal

Online registration for disciplines

Online application for the distribution of vacant grants  

Online questionnaire "Clean session"

Online application for a certificate of study

The rules for the performance of the thesis.

Instructions for organizing intermediate and final certification of students at the Kazakh University of Transport and Communications during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

 Anti-Corruption Council


Department of Academic Mobility and Employment

Department of Academic Mobility and Employment

1-practice and career Center.

1 – goals and objectives of the CPIC

2 - of Vacancy for students KUTC

3 – Employment

4-online application from the employer



-the sub-division has the following main goals and objectives.

- Monitor the progress of professional practice.

- Increasing  the % of employment of students and graduates with the assistance of the University.

- Coordination of the activities of the Association of KUTS graduates.

- Keep in touch with graduates of KUTC.


Head Of The  CPIC

Sharipov  Kadyrbek  Soltanbekovich

Address: ZHETISU-1 d. 32 A

Uk. No. 1, room 120

Tel. +7(727)276-74-78

VN (516).



Dear ladies and gentlemen!

If you have used our offers, we will be glad to get your feedback. If you have any questions, please call 376-74-78 (ex 516 )


Vacancies for young professionals:

Are you a graduate of a higher education institution not earlier than 2013?
Do you have an academic record of at least 85% (or a GPA of at least 3.33)?
Are you ambitious, ready to work hard and improve your professional level?
Are you interested in working for a large stable company in the oil and gas sector:

Administrative staff


Minimum salary

Maximum salary

Accountant, economist, legaladviser

160 000

200 100


144 000

180 000


Technical staff


Minimum salary

Maximum salary

Health and safety  engineer


200 100

Communications engineer

149 000

186 000


We offer:

Work in the  largest Kazakh oil company;
Opportunity for career growth and professional development;
Stable payment of wages.

Work in Aktau and place of birth.
The mode and schedule of work:
- using the shift method, the working time mode is set for 11 hours a day (from 07.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 t o19.00), with a break for food and rest for 1 hour (from 12.00 to 13.00), and a work schedule of 10/10 or 28/28.

- for office work, a working time mode is set for 8 hours a day (from 08.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 18.00), with a break for eating and resting 1.5 hours ( from 12.30 to 14.00), and a work schedule of  5/2.

The employer provides at his own expense at the place of work:
- Transport services from Aktau to the field, as well as on the field;

- Accommodation, meals and Laundry services;

- Personal protective equipment and medical care.


Online application form from the employer.

- Name of the organization:

- Full name and position of the representative:

- Contacts:

- Address. El. mails

- Required:

- Specialty:

- Position:

- Number of vocations:

- Conditions:

- File:




Head of the  Library: Korkakbaeva Akerke Nursoltanova

Library of the Kazakh University of Transportation Communications  is a cultural and information center of the University and  plays an important role in the educational process and research activities of the University.

The history of the Library begins in 2000 with the opening day of the Kazakh University of Transportation Communications(KUTC). The Library is developing fast  with the expansion of activities of the University.

The library fund is completed according to the profile of the University, on the basis of curricula of all specialties, lists of textbooks recommended by the departments, themes of  research work, as well as the readers' requests..

Bibliographic service of readers include:

  • advice on working with bibliographic apparatus of the library;
  • maintenance of traditional and electronic systematic filing of articles containing operational information from Kazakhstani and Russian journals and newspapers

Since 2008, data base on transport, higher education, social-humanitarian and natural sciences, as well as publications of the teaching staff in the state and Russian languages has been maintained;

  • execution of inquiries in the form of  "request - response";
  • implementation of differentiated service for manager (DOR);
  • Carrying out the "Days of the Library at the Deaprtment," "Days of information."

         The database currently accounts for 20620 documents. The electronic catalog (EC) has been conducted since  2007 on the automated library program "KABIS". EC database is submitted by cataloques:


  • «The book fund" -364171 dock. (342,265 copies).
  • «The book fund in the Russian language" - 268911 Doc. (192812 copies).
  • «The book fund in the State language" - 95260 Doc. - (149,853 copies).
  • «The book fund in the Foreign language" - 158 Doc. (2027 copies).
  •  «Abstracts" - 130 Doc. (240 copies).
  •  «Theses" - 130 Doc. - (130 copies).
  • «I Publications of teaching staff" - 2800 Doc.
  • «Scholarly works of teaching staff" - 150 Doc.
  •  «Electronic Resources" - 820 Doc.


Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library

Electronic Library of the Training and Methodological Center for Education in Railway Transport

Electronic catalog KABIS

Agreement with RNTB

Agreement with IPRSmart

Agreement with RMEB

Department of the quality management system


At the Kazakh University of Transportation Communications (KUTC), a quality management system has been developed, documented, implemented and maintained in working order, taking into account:
 changing customer requirements;
 the context of the organization, the needs and expectations of interested parties;
 development strategies of the organization;
 legislative and other mandatory requirements applicable to the activities of the university;
 ongoing processes as a tool for improving the activities of the university;
 the size and structure of the university.
The quality management system department has the following tasks:
 implementation of the University's Quality Policy and Objectives;
 organization and implementation of internal and external audits;
 monitoring the quality of the educational services provided by the University to the Consumers.
 timely coding, registration and storage of the originals of GNI, their replication in the required quantities and distribution to users;
 collection of information on the need to amend the GNI.
The quality management system department provides:
 implementation of the policy and goals of the university in the field of quality;
 implementation of the objectives of the Service in the field of quality;
 meeting the requirements of the university's quality management system;
 conducting internal audits;
 development, together with the heads of structural divisions, of corrective actions to eliminate the identified inconsistencies during internal audits;
 conducting training for all employees of the University in the quality management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015;
 selection of internal auditors from among the staff of the University and their training;
 coordination of activities of structural divisions of the university in accordance with the State Educational Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
 updating of normative documents on the quality of the university;
 resource management (human, material and technical);
 monitoring, measurement, analysis and continuous improvement of educational services and processes of the Quality Service.

A quality management system (QMS) contributes to the satisfaction of customer requirements and expectations. KUPS is constantly improving the system in accordance with the requirements of MS ISO 9001-2015. The quality management system at KUPS covers all activities of the university.

Head of the quality management system department, PhD Oralbekovna Aiaulym Oralbekovna.

Phone: +7 (707) 775 27 66 (ext. 588).

Goals and objectives of the KUTC in the field of quality 

Quality policy 

Youth Committee

With a view to the full realization of the state youth policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan FWMFs (Minutes №1) formed Youth Committee (KDM) - a structural unit of the university, whose main tasks are the activation of students, support for student initiatives, education of patriotism, formation of civil consciousness, promote the development of personality self-student youth.

Youth Affairs Committee carries out its activities in the following areas:

* Organization of measures on realization of the state youth policy of Kazakhstan, the enforcement of rights and social protection of students;

* Coordination of the public university institutions, government agencies and service clubs;

* Organization of activities for the prevention of religious extremism, delinquency among student youth and the fight against corruption manifestations;

* Undertake socio - political, moral, ethnic and cultural education and promotion of healthy lifestyles;

* Organize recreational activities - educational nature, in order to prevent smoking and reduce the number of smokers among students, to combat drug addiction;

* Co-operation with the department of languages, organization of joint events in the state language;

* Organization of events aimed at instilling the elements of culture and the creative world, respect for elders, moral and psychological influence;

* Coordinate the daily work of YFC vice-rector for educational work;

* Forming the student's personality, the development of its internal capacity and raise goodwill towards others;

* Student participation in student government (at student meetings), their joint decision-making on issues of student life at the university;

* Identify leaders among the student body and the creation of conditions for the formation of the team during the creation of the Committee;

* The development of managerial skills (management skills), the leading groups of students;

The KDM FWMFs there are 6 units or departments:

1. Department of "Science" has been directly taking into account the educational process (visit, grades and student behavior), the solution of conflicts, organizes trainings and seminars on topical issues of economics and discussion. YFC Training department - a kind of "student dean's office."

2. Department "Public Relations" informs students about various international programs and projects implemented by the university. Closely cooperating with the International University department collects information on events held at the university and inform students about the shares held by KDM.

3. Center for Student Projects (DSP) - a sphere of active work of students, student projects: Council of young scientists, student wall newspaper Coops Intellectual Olympics, KVN, debate - a discussion club, etc. The department seeks to strengthen and implement their ideas at any level.

4. "Creativity" department engaged in advertising: Production of videos, photos, project development of different activities.

5. "Events" department organizes events taking place in the university and oversees the work of amateur clubs among students.

6. "Sports" department is responsible for the organization of sporting events, the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyle, promotes participation FWMFs athletes in sports university, city and national scale.

Research department

Research work of KUTC

The main directions of research work

Funded НИР

List of scientists

Applicants for the academic title of Associate Professor (доцента)

Kazakh University of Transportation Communications is holding the XXI international scientific and practical conference "Integration of the transport and communication complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan into the world transport system"

System "Antiplagiat VUZ"

Dissertation Council

Scientific publications of students, magis and doctorate 2019-2020

List of publications in foreign editions for 2016-2021 KUPS

Prospective plan of scientific research KUPS 2018-2021

Research work plan KUTC 2019-2020

Research plan of KUTC 2019-2020 academic year

Plan of research work of students KUTC 2020-2021

Plan of research work of KUTC students 2019-2020

Research work plan NIR KUTC 2020-2021

Plan of the scientific and technical seminar KUTC 2019-2020

Regulations on the research work of the KUTC

Regulations on the dissertation council of the KUTC

Regulations on doctoral studies KUTC

Regulations on the pedagogical practice of the doctoral student KUTC

Regulations on research practice (scientific internship) of doctoral student KUTC

About the research work of a doctoral student PhD (NIDR) KUTC

Regulations on foreign internships for doctoral students KUTC

Doctoral dissertation regulation

Regulations on the research work of students of the KUTC

Regulations on the Council of Young Scientists

Regulation on the commercialization of research activities in the KUTC

Rules on the organization of research work of the KUTC

Composition of the Scientific and Technical Council of the KUTC

Информация о мероприятиях, посвященных Дню работников науки

Today, in the conference hall, a scientific and methodological seminar was held on the topic: "The role of scientific research in the formation of professional competencies" Dedicated to the Day of Science Workers! Speaker Head of the Department of SGIEND

Accounting department


University accounting is based on laws and
normative acts approved by the decrees of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
- Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 28, 2008 No. 234 "On accounting and financial reporting" (as amended and supplemented by
as of 15.11.2020);
- Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget" (Tax Code) dated December 10, 2008 No. 99-IV (with amendments and additions as of December 29, 2019). as of 1 January 2020
- Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 31, 2015 No. 241 "On approval of the Accounting Rules";
- On amendments and additions to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 18, 2013 No. 1116 "On approval of the Rules and terms of calculation, withholding (accrual) and transfer of contributions, professional compulsory pension contributions, compulsory professional pension contributions to the unified accumulative pension fund and collection on them "; Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 28, 2020 No. 332.
- Order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 12, 2017 No.
301 "Rules for document flow of invoices issued in electronic form";
- Order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 27, 2018
No. 1029 "On amendments and additions to the order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 16, 2018 No. 206" On the approval of the types of activities in the implementation of which in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan taxpayers use cash registers with the function of recording and (or) transmitting data when cash settlements "
The accounting institution is organized in accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 28, 2008 No. 234 - “On accounting and financial reporting”; IFRS (NAS); accounting policies;
Order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 23, 2007 No. 185
"On approval of the Standard Chart of Accounting Accounts" (as amended as of 03.06.2019), Civil and Tax Codes of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The availability of funds in the required amounts, their effective use largely predetermines the financial well-being of the University. The university carries out planning and allocation of financial resources, based on the mission and using the results of work on the development of the university.
Annually at the Rector's meeting, the chief accountant submits a report on the financial and economic activities of the university. Financial activity is carried out on the basis of the following legislative acts:
- Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 2, 2007 No. 452 (with amendments and additions as of May 28, 2018);
- Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 199 04/16/2018 on planning the costs of training personnel with higher and postgraduate education.
- Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 31, 2018 No. 606 to calculate the total number of teaching staff.
- The accounting policy of the University is developed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan
- The accounting and financial statements of the University are drawn up in accordance with the accounting policy. The accounting policy has been developed in accordance with the requirements of IFRS and is based on the following assumptions:
- accounting policy is an internal regulatory document that defines a single set of principles, rules for organizing accounting and financial reporting;
The management of the distribution and use of financial resources is carried out by the President of the University. Budget planning
carried out in a centralized manner when forming costs for:
- salary of teaching staff, administrative and educational support personnel and service personnel;
- professional practice of students;
- purchase of fixed assets;
- Communal expenses;
- carrying out current and major repairs of buildings, structures and equipment;
- maintenance of computer equipment;
- communication services, Internet;
- taxes and obligatory payments to the budget.
Part of the expenses is formed on the basis of applications from structural divisions:
- Acquisition of educational and methodological literature;

- purchase of laboratory and other equipment, computer technology;
- purchase of stationery;
- repair of the auditorium fund.

Budget structure by ICCS

for 2021 Appendix 1


No. p \ p

Name indicators


1 payroll with tax deductions% 56.3
2 Expenses for maintenance and service of premises rent and utilities, security%
3 Expenses for administrative materials (stationery, consumables)% 2.2
4 Expenses for Internet communications (communications)% 2.6
5 Expenses for professional development of teaching staff. AUP% 0.2
6 Recruitment costs (advertising)% 0.8
7 Expenses for quality renovation and expansion of the material base. laboratory equipment,
library funds, computer and household equipment
8 Expenses for quality renovation (dormitories, medical services% 1.4
9 Other expenses% 0.4
Total:% 100

The university budget is aimed at updating, expanding

e and
maintaining the material and technical base and increasing the payroll. As you can see, from the data presented in Appendix No. 1, in the structure of the budget of costs -56.3% falls on wages, maintenance
and maintenance of classrooms (utilities, rental
payments, cleaning, landscaping, security) significant funds are allocated - about 31.1%. Significant funds are allocated for the development of the material, educational and scientific laboratory, information base of objects, about 12.6%.
The distribution of financial resources is carried out on the basis of the functional purpose of structural units, as well as the contingent of students, forms of training and standards that determine costs.
Revenues from receipts for the provision of educational services on a paid basis and from the state budget are shown in Appendix 2.
Financing by type of activity
for 2021 Appendix 2

No. p \ p

The name of indicators


1. Amount of financial receipts:
1.1 - from educational services% 92.5
1.2 - from the state budget% 0.7
1.3 - from the implementation of research work% 1.3
1.4 - from the sale of other services% 5.5
Total:% 100
The provision of paid services is carried out at the university in
in accordance with the Charter and the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and consists of:
1 - receipts for the provision of educational services for training
specialists at the expense of enterprises, institutions, organizations and other business entities - 92.5%

2 - receipts from the state budget (grant), -0.7% 3 - for the performance of research work -1.3% 4 - other receipts-5.5%.
Accounting is maintained in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the TSV SOFT program is used
configuration 99.
Financial statements are generated at the university level and include:
- balance sheet;
- statement of income and expenses;
- report on changes in equity;
- cash flow statement.
Financial reports are submitted annually to local authorities.
The movement of accounting documents is controlled by the accounting department in accordance with the procedures adopted within it, which ensures a correct and effective connection between the entries in the accounting system and the documents confirming them.
Effectively uses financial resources, complies with financial, tax, credit and settlement discipline. Accounting is carried out in an automated way through the TSV SOFT configuration 99 program and complies with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Sports complex

The sports complex was put into operation in February 2009.

The sports complex has a 36m × 16m game room with a balcony, climbing ropes and 15 bars and gymnastic rings, as well as a wrestling hall with Russian carpets, a gym with mirrors, is equipped with all necessary simulators, and there is a bar, weights with dumbbells, tennis, a gym with mirrors, as well as a room for playing checkers, chess and togyzkumalak. In the sports complex there are 6 teachers with a higher education in sports.

Graduates Association of the Kazakh University of Means of Communications

Publishing department

The Kazakh University of Transport Communications has a publishing Department that publishes scientific collections, prints texts for students, prints posters, photocopies, prints documents, and photographs of both public events and personal photos. It publishes the newspaper "Express TJ" and the magazine "Industrial transport of Kazakhstan".

Admissions Office

selection Committee

The admission Committee is a structural division of the University. The main purpose of the admissions Committee is to organize an admission campaign: receiving documents from people entering the University and ensuring enrollment in an educational institution

The main work of the admissions Committee is to develop admission rules for the current academic year.

The admission Committee periodically organizes the reception of citizens, responds to oral and electronic requests of future applicants. Prepares for printing brochures, booklets and reference books related to admission; prepares stands of the admissions Committee. Conducts career guidance lessons, organizes training courses.


The responsible Secretary of selection Committee – Abalaev Duman Maksimovich

Address: Almaty, MD.Zhetysu-1, d. 32A

Kazakh University of communications, building 1, KAB.110A

Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 8.00-17.00


Contact phone numbers: 8(727) 3814334; 376-74-78 (vnut.Five hundred fifty five);

mob. 8-705-100-09-66


Functions of the admissions Committee

- forms the composition of subject commissions and technical staff of the admissions Committee;

-is the schedule of the admission examinations (tests) and consultation;

- accepts documents from applicants;

- solves questions about admission of applicants to the entrance tests and determines the conditions of their participation in the competition;

- conducts entrance exams (tests);

- performs encryption and decryption of written examination papers of applicants;

- generates lists for enrollment in the 1st year;

- draws up contracts for paid training.

During the reception of documents, the higher education institution, represented by a representative of the admission Committee, must acquaint the applicant with a license to conduct educational activities, as well as with a certificate of state accreditation for each area of training (specialty), which gives the right to issue a state-issued document on higher professional education.


DOCUMENTS required to participate in complex testing:

- application on a special form;

- a certificate or diploma with an attachment (original);

- two 3x4 photographs

- 2 pcs; - a copy of the identity document;

- medical certificate form

- 075 with a fluorographic image, form

- 063 (information about vaccinations);

- a copy of the certificate (for guys).

- receipt of payment for passing complex testing (Halyk Bank or Kazpost);



List of employees of the training Department


Full Name

Job descriptions of employees


 Zhobalaev Dumat Maksimovich

Executive Secretary of the selection Committee


Zhasulanova Narizat Saiatkyzy 

Leading specialist


















Training Department

Training Department

Training  Department is an independent unit. The main objective of the training department is   the establishment and maintenance of conditions for effective functioning of the educational process for the preparation of highly qualified specialists.

Head of the Training Department  - Аканова Жазира Жанабаевна

Address: Almaty, mcr.Zhetysu-1, B.32a

Institute of Transport Communications, Building 1, office 215

Working hours: Monday-Friday from 8.00-17.00


Phone: 8 (727) 376-74-78 (ext.548)


Functions of the Training Department

- Planning, organization, coordination, operational management and monitoring of the educational process in the IPA in accordance with the legislation of the Ministry of Education and Science  of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education;

- Providing all specialties with SCES (State Compulsory Education Stamdard);

- Provision of all disciplines with  curricula in accordance with the model curricula  SCES;

- Scheduling of the educational process;

-Determination of standards of time for the organization and planning of the educational process for the next academic year;

- Monitoring  of the equipment  of  classroom and laboratory Fund and its condition;

- Scheduling of training sessions;

- Monitoring the implementation of the teaching load of the teaching staff of the departments for  semesters and  academic year;

- Preparation of documentation for the chairmanships of state certification commissions (hereinafter - SEC) and the state examination commissions (hereinafter - SEC) for approval in the Ministry of Education and Science  of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Registration of applications for forms of the strict reporting and accounting of  documentation movement of strict accountability;

- Preparation of draft orders and instructions  in the direction of the activities of the Training Department, mandatory for departments and other structural divisions, providing educational process;

- Monitoring the performance  of orders and instructions on the educational process by departments.

- Presentation, together with the heads of structural divisions of the proposals on the appointment and dismissal of employees of the ITC, their promotion or disciplinary action in case of violations of the educational process.

                                                           The list of employees of the Training Department



Full Name



Аканова Жазира Жанабаевна

Head of the Training Department


Ramazanova Arai Zharasovna

Leading expert of the Student Department


Turdahyn Zhansaia Daurenovna




Department of Postgraduate Education

The Department of Postgraduate Education is a structural subdivision of the university that ensures the functioning and improvement of the educational process for educational programs of magistracy and doctoral studies.


Mission of the Department of Postgraduate Education: training of highly qualified professional practitioners and scientific and pedagogical personnel; creation of a competitive education system in Kazakhstan and in the world, taking into account the requirements of priority industries.


The purpose of the Department of Postgraduate Education: coordination of educational, research and practical work of undergraduates and doctoral students, the introduction of innovative areas of scientific and practical cooperation, the expansion of pedagogical contacts of the Kazakh University of Railways, attracting engineers and managers of companies from Kazakhstan, near and far abroad, allowing to train specialists of integrated thinking and acting.


The main functions and tasks of the Department of Postgraduate Education:

Organization and coordination of the educational process in the specialties of postgraduate education.
Provision of specialties of magistracy and doctoral studies with normative documents regulating the educational process.
Participation in the development of intra-university regulations for postgraduate education.
Checking the compliance of the working curricula of the master's and doctoral programs with state standards.
Coordination of work on scientific internship and academic mobility of undergraduates and doctoral students.
Organization and control of the passage of the final certification.
Organization of work of dissertation councils.
Preparation of documents for new educational programs of master's / doctoral PhD for obtaining licenses for educational activities.

Director of the Department of Postgraduate Education - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sarzhanov T.S.


Address: Almaty, 050063, md. Zhetysu-1, building 32A

educational building 1, office. 109

Opening hours daily 800 - 1700

Contact phones: 8-727-376-74-78 (ext. 501).




Dissertation Councill


Announcement Далее...
On December 9, 2022, the Department of Social Sciences and Law, as part of a practical lesson on the criminal procedural law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Далее...
Congratulations to the winners of the international competition of methodological, educational and scientific literature published in 2021/2022 "GOLDEN CORIPHEUS" Далее...

Contact information

Academic buildings № 1

Теl.: 376-74-78 (ext. 515); Fax: 376-74-81
Аddress: Zhetysu-1 mcr., B.32а,
Almaty, The Republic of Kazakhstan, 050063

Academic buildings №4

Теl.: 299-49-69
Address: Mamyr mcr., Shalyiapin str., B.21/1,
Almaty, The Republic of Kazakhstan, 050063,
You can take buses: №67, 112, 85, 92, 4

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