Educational program



Code and name of training areas

Code and name of educational program groups

Code and name of educational programs


7М041 – Business and management

М070 – Economy

М070(6М050600) - Economy


М074 – Finance, banking and insurance

М074(6М050900) – Finance



М096 – Communications and communication technologies

М096(6М071900)– Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications


7М071 – Engineering and engineering


М100 – Automation and management

М100(6М070200) – Automation and management


M104 – Transport, transport equipment and technologies

M104(6М071300) – Transport, transport equipment and technologies


M099 – Energy and electrical engineering

M099(6М071800) - Electric energy


7М073 –  Architecture and construction

M124 – Construction

M124(6М072900) - Construction


M126 – Transport construction

M126(6М074500) – Transport construction


7М113 – Transport service

M151 – Transport service

M151(6М090100) – Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport


M152 – Logistics

M152(6М090900) – Logistics


Training in the Master Program is carried out in two directions:

  • • the profile;
  • • research and teaching.


Terms of study:

  • for scientific and pedagogical Master program: 2 years - for all specialties;
  •  for profile Master Program: 1.5 years - for all specialties;


The list of documents for admission to the Master Program:


  • notarized copies of documents on higher education;
  •  copy of the identity card;
  • Health certificate of  form 086-Y;
  •  3x4 photos - 6 pcs .;
  •  application form (in the department of master's and doctoral Programs);
  •  contract for the preparation of the expert (in the Department of master's and doctoral Program);
  • personal form of accounting personnel and notarized copy of the Labor  book (if any);
  •  list of scientific and methodological papers (if any).


Applicants to Master program pass exams:

  • On one of the Foreign languages (in the form of test developed by National Test Centre of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan );
  • On specialty (orally to the Commission of the University).


Receipt of  applications to  Master Program  is held from 1 to 30 July.

Entrance examinations to Master program are  held from 1 to 20 August.

Enrollment - until August 25.


Reception of documents is carried out at the following address:

Almaty, md. Zhetysu - 1, B. 32, room. 109.

Phone 3767478, ext. 501 (Master's Division)

3814334 (Selection committee).

Questions of entrance examination in the Master Program

Rules of Admission to  Master program


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Contact information

Academic buildings № 1

Теl.: 376-74-78 (ext. 515); Fax: 376-74-81
Аddress: Zhetysu-1 mcr., B.32а,
Almaty, The Republic of Kazakhstan, 050063

Academic buildings №4

Теl.: 299-49-69
Address: Mamyr mcr., Shalyiapin str., B.21/1,
Almaty, The Republic of Kazakhstan, 050063,
You can take buses: №67, 112, 85, 92, 4

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