Training in a magistracy assumes a large number of practical courses and disciplines on the chosen program of training. The magistracy is designed for those who initially want to gain more profound practical proyessionalny knowledge and skills in the chosen sphere. It is worth to remember that the diploma of the master is quoted much above the bachelor and the expert. In the corresponding direction of preparation qualification - the master is appropriated to the graduate of a magistracy. It isn't simple the higher education any more, it is absolutely new and higher level of special preparation. You will be able to systematize knowledge which is already available for you and to unite them with new, necessary for the solution of the most difficult tasks in the area studied by you. Besides, the magistracy is a development of creative potential which defines readiness of graduates for scientific activity. Undoubted advantage of master programs is acquisition by students of the professional knowledge and skills which are most demanded by modern business, and also development of the personal qualities necessary for successful development of career. The choice of the educational program gives you big freedom, but at the same time demands personal responsibility of everyone for contents and quality of the education. During training at the university you learn to get the necessary knowledge and on their basis to generate new.

Educational program



6M050600 - Economy;

Sadyrbaeva Galiya Amantayevna Ph.D., Associate Professor


6М050900 - Finance;

Sadvakasov Evgeniy Kazgenovich Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor


6М070200 - Automation and control;

Kadyrmanov Knesby Altynbekovich Ph.D.


6М071300 - Transport, transport machinery

and technology;

Kaspakpaev Kabdil Sultanovich Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


6М071800 - Power engineering;

Sadykov Turlan Khamzinovich d.f.


6М071900 - Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications;

Artyukhin Vladimir Viktorovich

 Ph.D., associate professor


6М074500 - Transport construction;

Makhambetova Ultuar Kulmanovna Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


6М090100 - Organization of traffic and

transport operation;

Kaskatayev Zhanat Aldanishevich Ph.D., associate professor


6М090900 - Logistics


Training in the Master Program is carried out in two directions:

  • • the profile;
  • • research and teaching.


Terms of study:

  • for scientific and pedagogical Master program: 2 years - for all specialties;
  •  for profile Master Program: 1.5 years - for all specialties;


The list of documents for admission to the Master Program:


  • notarized copies of documents on higher education;
  •  copy of the identity card;
  • Health certificate of  form 086-Y;
  •  3x4 photos - 6 pcs .;
  •  application form (in the department of master's and doctoral Programs);
  •  contract for the preparation of the expert (in the Department of master's and doctoral Program);
  • personal form of accounting personnel and notarized copy of the Labor  book (if any);
  •  list of scientific and methodological papers (if any).


Applicants to Master program pass exams:

  • On one of the Foreign languages (in the form of test developed by National Test Centre of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan );
  • On specialty (orally to the Commission of the University).


Receipt of  applications to  Master Program  is held from 1 to 30 July.

Entrance examinations to Master program are  held from 1 to 20 August.

Enrollment - until August 25.


Reception of documents is carried out at the following address:

Almaty, md. Zhetysu - 1, B. 32, room. 109.

Phone 3767478, ext. 501 (Master's Division)

3814334 (Selection committee).

Questions of entrance examination in the Master Program

Rules of Admission to  Master program


Contacts of the magistracy:





Kainarbekov Aseman Kainarbekovich


 Vice-rector for academic Affairs, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor

8(727)3767478   вн. 519


Shalkarov Abdiashim Abzhapparovich

Vice-rector for scientific and educational work, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor

8(727)3767478   вн. 547


Sarzhanov Taizhan Sadyhanovich

Director of the Department of postgraduate training, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor

8(727)3767478   вн. 501


Sarzhanov Taizhan Sadyhanovich

Head.Department of "EIU", doctor of technical Sciences, Professor

8(727)3767478   вн. 526


Omarova Kumis Toleubekovna

Head.Department of Finance, Ph. D., associate Professor

8(727)3767478   вн. 590


Akaeva Madina Omarbekovna

Head.the Department of "Shield", Ph. D., PhD

8(727)3767478   вн. 569


Dzhalairov Asylhan Kasenovich

Head. Department "Smith", doctor of technical Sciences, Professor

8(727)3767478   вн. 566


Sultankazinov Suleiman Kazimanovich

Head. Department "AIUS", doctor of technical Sciences, Professor

8(727)3767478   вн. 523


Amanova Marzhan Valievna

Head. Department "Odutil", Ph. D., associate Professor, PhD

8(727)3767478   вн. 556


Kainarbekov Aseman Kainarbekovich

Head. Department of "RET", doctor of technical Sciences, Professor

8(727)3767478   вн. 589


Kasimov Bauyrzhan Rahmedievich

Head. Department of "EJT", Ph. D., associate Professor, PhD

8(727)3767478   вн. 588


Serikkulova Aidan Turehanova

Head. the Department of "Espais", Ph. D., associate Professor

8(727)3767478    вн. 581



Academ. calendar


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