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 In the Republic of Kazakhstan it has long been a tradition to determine the best students after summing up the results of the year and to award them with general education grants safely. Honored award allows young people not only to continue their further education in free form, but also receive a monthly allowance, in other words, a scholarship. On what factors depends on its size, we will tell in more detail.

Types of scholarships

For information, students of universities (higher educational institutions), vocational schools (Vocational Technical Institutions) and colleges can receive state scholarships

There are the following types of state scholarships:

  • a regular (minimal) scholarship;
  • increased scholarships;
  • Presidential scholarship (designed for university students), determined by the state.

Obtaining any types of incentive awards is possible only through payment cards. It usually takes no longer than 45 days to produce it. In the first months of study, when such a card is not yet available for the student, the scholarship is issued in the box office of the educational institution. When issuing such a card, the banking institution will require the presence of the main document - the identity card of the citizen (passport).

Standard Minimum Scholarship

The holders of the educational grant, like all other students, will receive a regular (standard) scholarship every month from the moment they enter the educational institution. According to the results of the winter session, if they pass the exams successfully, they will receive such a reward in the future. Students who have passed the session only for "excellent" will already have the opportunity to receive a 15% increase, in money terms, scholarships. During the summer months - July and August, well-wishers and excellent students also rely on material payments.

There are a number of reasons for the partial delay or complete termination of scholarship payments.

  1. Non-timely delivery of examinations, which can be caused by personal circumstances, illness, natural disasters. Based on the supporting documents, the management of the educational institution establishes individual terms for passing the exams, after successful completion of which the scholarship is accrued.
  2. When transferring a student from one educational institution to another, payments are made after the difference in the training is settled.
  3. When receiving an unsatisfactory grade in the examination session for the whole semester, the student does not have the right to receive a scholarship.
  4. Student-orphans and students with disabilities in the event of an unsuccessful surrender of the session, scholarships will not be awarded either.
  5. There are no cash payments for students on academic leave.
  6. When the student is expelled or leaves the school, the scholarship is automatically removed.

Presidential scholarship

Presidential state scholarship, as a reward, is awarded to university students for certain merits. It is received by young people:

  • engaged in research activities;
  • showing their talents, participating in the social, cultural and sport life of the collective;
  • contributing to the formation of intellectual potential.

The number of presidential scholarships is distributed strictly in proportion to the total number of students enrolled in full-time in higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Educational institutions, in which the number of such people is less than 700, can not count on the provision of such grants.

Already third-year students and sophomore sophomores have the right to receive presidential scholarships, and they can be trained both on a paid and budgetary basis.

Such payments can be assigned to students and undergraduates:

  • participating in republican and international Olympiads, creative competitions, sport competitions, festivals;
  • authors of any discoveries and inventions;
  • publicists of their scientific works in various journals of national and international importance;
  • actively engaged in scientific research, but in the presence of supporting documents, certificates and certificates.

The issue on the appointment of scholarships is decided by the academic council of the institution and comes into force after the signing of the order by the rector. Only within one semester (academic period) can you receive such a reward. It is worth noting that it can be awarded repeatedly to one person.

The above criteria determine the choice of students for the purpose of scholarships.

The advantage under equal conditions is:

  • orphans, as well as children who have been left without parental care;
  • disabled children, disabled people.


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