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Достижение предоставления высокого качества образовательных услуг в сфере высшего и послевузовского образования



Objectives of the university

The strategic objectives of the University are:

Providing high quality of educational services:
  • presentation of quality educational services that provide training for the whole life;
  • further integration into the European Higher Education Area in order to develop academic mobility of students, undergraduates and faculty;
The passage of the independent national accreditation procedure:
  • improvement of the personnel policy and stimulation of professional growth of the teaching staff, strengthening the human resources on the basis of training PhD masters and doctors and expanding the range of educational services in the system of professional development;
  • expansion of international cooperation and development of joint international projects;
Ensuring the correspondence of the educational system with the scientific and technical and innovative policy of the country:
  • improving the educational, scientific, and production infrastructure;
  • monitoring, scientific justification and implementation of scientific projects in priority areas of fundamental and applied scientific research;
  • Improvement of conditions for the development of student youth, its involvement in the process of social and economic development of the country;
Providing educational services providing training on the activity of the whole life:
  • implementation of completed research of the university scientists in the educational process and production;
  • the creation of a system for the training of professional orientations and the selection of talented youth for training in the KUWC;



The Kazakh Railway University has the status of an accredited university.

By the decision of the Accreditation Council of the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NKAO), the Kazakh University of Railways has been accredited by 2021:

We also offer a Virtual tour of our University.

Video tour of University

Contact information

Academic building number 1

Теl.: 376-74-78 (ext. 515); Fax: 376-74-81
E-mail: info@kups.edu.kz
Аddress: Zhetysu-1 mcr., B.32а,
Almaty, The Republic of Kazakhstan, 050063

Academic buildings №4

Теl.: 299-49-69
E-mail: info@kups.edu.kz
Address: Mamyr mcr., Shalyiapin str., B.21/1,
Almaty, The Republic of Kazakhstan, 050063,

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