Transport Business and Management, Customs


The Department of Business and Transport Management, Customs is one of the main and promising structural divisions of the University; it takes a leading place in the training of economists, accountants and managers; it makes a significant contribution to the development of economic science of the Republic.

The mission of the Department is fully consonant with the University's mission to be a leading research and educational center of the system of higher economic education in Russia, oriented on training highly qualified personnel, providing high socio-economic and cultural level of development and increase of competitiveness of economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The vision of the Department in the future is to implement a new innovative model as a research division of the University, which organically combines the best international experience and domestic potential of higher education and science in the process of training highly qualified personnel in the field of Economics, ensuring full integration into the world educational space.

Today, the Department provides training for highly qualified specialists. educational, scientific, spiritual and educational, innovative and industrial works are carried out on a large scale to develop fundamental and applied research.

The Department conducts training in Kazakh and Russian in the following specialties: bachelor's degree 5B050600-"Economics", 5B050800-"Accounting and audit", 5B050900 "Finance", 5B030400 "Customs", and master's degree 6M050600-"Economics", as well as conducts economic cycle disciplines and the economic section of diploma projects for students of technical specialties.


Specialty 5B050600-Economics

Graduates of the specialty 5B050600-Economics are awarded an academic degree-bachelor of Economics and business. The goal is to train highly qualified and competitive specialists, taking into account modern requirements, who can contribute to the development of the economy of Kazakhstan. The areas of professional activity are state bodies, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, management bodies of state regulation of the economy in the links of market infrastructure, research institutions. A bachelor in this specialty must have a set of special theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to solving problems of an economic and organizational nature, applying modern technologies, processing information, and making decisions in a dynamically changing environment.

The objects of professional activity of graduates are economic, financial, marketing, production and economic and analytical services of organizations and enterprises, regardless of their type of activity, form of ownership, categories of participants of organizational and legal forms, state bodies of the Republican and local levels; research institutes, educational institutions of primary professional, secondary professional, higher professional education.

In the course of training, the student acquires knowledge in the following main disciplines:

• basis of economy

• microeconomics

• macroeconomics

• economics of enterprise

• data analysis and forecasting in the economy, etc.

The training is conducted on credit technology in the Kazakh and Russian languages. More than half of the specialty disciplines are elective (elective courses), i.e. the student can choose them according to their choice. This allows students, starting from the first semester, to choose their own learning path, thus they can pre-associate the election of elective courses with their future professional activities.

Bachelors in the specialty 5B050600-Economics can perform the following types of professional activities:

- organizational and technological;

- production and management;

- design;


- educational.

Bachelors of the specialty 5B050600-Economics can carry out their professional activities in the following areas:

- development and application of management technology in a specific organization;

- development of planning procedures, personnel management, investment, innovation and environmental management;

- conducting foreign economic activity in organizations and enterprises;

- participation in the creation of scientific and methodological and organizational and technological management base;

- development of environmental management and environmental protection measures:

- organization of production, providing the technological process with the necessary resources;

- analysis of the effectiveness of management decisions, controlling the entire range of production and management activities.

Students of the University undergo practical training in the following companies and organizations: JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy", JSC "Kaztransservice", LLP "Kamkor locomotive", LLP "Kamkor Wagon", LLP "locomotive", JSC "Kedentransservice", JSC "Kazpost", JSC "Caspian Bank", JSC "Forte Bank", the state revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan and others.

Graduates who have successfully mastered the educational programs of higher education specialty 5B050600-Economics, demonstrated a high level of fundamental education, a penchant for creative work, can be recommended for further training in the master's program.


Specialty 5B050800-Accounting and audit

Graduates of the specialty 5B050800 "Accounting and audit" are awarded the qualification of bachelor of Economics and business. The goal is to train highly qualified specialists in the field of accounting, audit and analysis:

- having strong knowledge in the field of accounting and audit, familiar with the history of the accounting profession and the development of accounting thought;

- those who are able to keep records of assets, capital and liabilities of companies, correctly evaluate accounting objects, and generate forms of financial and tax reports;

- competent in planning, managing and controlling the financial and economic activities of companies.

The subject of professional activity of the bachelor in the specialty 5B050800-Accounting and audit is the ability to conduct financial, economic and managerial activities in organizations:

- registration of business transactions;

- preparation of financial and tax statements in accordance with IFRS;

- analysis and audit of financial statements in accordance with ISAS.

In the course of training, the student acquires knowledge in the following main disciplines:

• fundamentals of accounting

• basics of auditing

* accounting and audit

* accounting and audit in financial authorities

* financial accounting in accordance with IFRS and others.

Bachelors in the specialty "Accounting and audit" can perform the following types of professional activities:

- organization and management – skills for work qualification in the financial and tax authorities, the company, in insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions, participation in creation of scientific-methodological and organizational-technical base of accounting, in conjunction with other development professionals and the application of best management practices, regulations and procedures of business organization, taking an active part in the activities of financial institutions on capital market; to support and develop the corporate image of the company;

- calculation and design activities of graduates are carried out in the feasibility study of projects with the provision of data for analyzing the effectiveness of specialized documents (feasibility study, business plan, etc.) related to the organization of a new enterprise or economic project and necessary for obtaining loans, loans and other types of financial support for the expansion of activities;

- educational (pedagogical) activity of graduates of this profile consists in professional activity in secondary special institutions.


The Department is guided by the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laws RK "About education", normative documents of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the Kazakh University of means of communication, the Regulation on the Department.

In November 2015, the Department's specialties successfully passed the state certification.

The educational process is provided by highly qualified teaching staff. The Department consists of 4 doctors of science, 23 candidates of science, 11 senior teachers and 4 masters.

Head of the Department "Business and Transport Management, Customs"

doctor of technical Sciences, Professor

Sarzhanov T. S.

Research work

Research work of the Department is carried out in a number of areas. The Department is actively engaged in research work, participating in various projects registered in the National center for scientific and technical information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1) Doctor of Economics, Professor Zhuirikov K. K., Ph. D., associate Professor Kozlov V. P., Ph. D., associate Professor Smagulova A. M. participate in the research project "Development of financial control, accounting and audit of the effectiveness of economic entities", dedicated to the study of problems of development of the efficiency of the public sector of the economy.

2) Ph. D., PhD, associate Professor Omarova B. A., Ph. D., associate Professor Kudaibergenova Z. U., Ph. D., associate Professor Nurgaziev M. B. participate in the research project "Development of the corporate investment management system" together with the Omsk regional Institute.

3) Ph. D., Professor Sarzhanov T. S., Ph. D., Professor of Guarico K. K., Ph. D., PhD, associate Professor Omarova G. A., Ph. D., associate Professor, with G. A. participate in the research project "Problems of state participation in the world trade organization" together with Omsk regional Institute.

Research work of students is carried out constantly and systematically. The Department has a scientific and student group "Young entrepreneur". A list of abstracts and reports for NIRS has been developed for all the read disciplines of the Department, which is updated annually. Students speak at scientific and practical conferences of the University.

Preparation for the anniversary, honored economist of Kazakhstan, doctor of economic Sciences, Professor K. K. Guidikova

  Preparation for the scientific and methodological seminar

Participation of students of the specialty "Economics" in entrepreneurship courses organized by the Ministry of economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and JSC "Entrepreneurship development Fund, Damu"

The international cooperation

International cooperation of the Department develops in several directions: participation in international scientific projects and programs, joint publications, invitation of scientists, participation in conferences and professional development. Today, the Department has close scientific ties with many Universities in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries and is the organizer of a number of scientific, theoretical and practical conferences. All scientific topics of teachers are of practical importance and therefore the work is related to production, industry and scientific institutions.

The Department has foreign relations with the NGO " SSP " Consult "(Germany), the Technical University of applied Sciences (Wildau, Germany), the Moscow state University of Railways, the Moscow inter-branch University of advanced training, and the Moscow state technical University. N. E. Bauman, Siberian state University of Railways (Novosibirsk), Tashkent Institute of railway transport engineers, Kyrgyz state University of construction, transport and architecture (Bishkek), etc.

Professor of Moscow state technical University. N. E. Baumana gives a lecture to students of the specialty "Economics" 

Practical-Laboratory Center

Кафедра «Бизнес и управление на транспорте, Таможенное дело» располагает аудиториями, которые оборудованы новейшими технологиями, соответствующими Высшим учебным заведениям Республики Казахстан. 

Для обеспечения таких лабораторных работ, как «Компьютеризация  бухгалтерского учета», «Новые информационные технологии в экономике» были приобретены программные обеспечения «1С бухгалтерия», «MS PROJECT». В университете имеется 10 компьютерных классов, 4 Интернет-класса, все оснащены новейшими компьютерными технологиями, подключеными к Интернет связи и объединены локальной сетью.      

Для проведения занятий кабинеты оборудованы виртуальными стендами, различными плакатами, имеются электронные учебники и обучающие программы позволяющими облегчить восприятие изучаемой дисциплины.


Учебные занятия в специализированных лабораториях 

Information and Library Support of the educational process

The work of the Department in this area is carried out on the basis of the state budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan 3.08.310-2006. Students majoring in 5B050600-Economics have access to the University's computer classes connected to the Internet. Computer time per 1 student per year: in the 2013-2014 academic year it was 250 hours, in the 2014-2015 academic year it was 250 hours, in the 2015-2016 academic year it was 270 hours.

In addition, the Department has an electronic library that includes electronic literature on 56 disciplines of the Department. All SMCS 100% electronically prepared, can be accessed by each student. The Department presented a collection of video libraries and music libraries for basic and specialized disciplines of the specialty.

All electronic educational publications, including virtual laboratories, meet modern requirements, are web-oriented and are posted on the University's educational portal (, thus providing the ability to work in the corporate network and the Internet.









Teachers of the Department "Economics and accounting in transport" in the classroom with students

The University closely cooperates with such publishing houses as: go "UMTS on education on ZHDT" (Moscow), "Economy" (Almaty), "Folio" (Astana), "Transport" (Moscow), " Bastau "(Almaty)," Alla prima " (Almaty) and many others.

Educational activities

During the educational process, along with educational, research and practical work, the Department is engaged in educational work, including: securing mentors from among experienced teachers of the Department for young teachers, trainees of the Department, appointed responsible for educational work among students at the Department, the Department participated in University-wide educational events, conducted lessons of courage, meetings with young people. The faculty of the Department participated in the events of the University dedicated to the celebration of the day of Knowledge, Independence day, held a review of lectures, discussion with the main points of the annual Message of the President of Kazakhstan to the people of Kazakhstan.

The Department actively participates in sports events, subbotniks, and makes a great contribution to the landscaping of the University's territory.

Faculty of the Department "Economics and accounting in transport" at events dedicated to the day of sports and health









Students majoring in Economics at the University's sports complex

  In the future, the Department's vision is to implement a new innovative model as a research division of the University, which organically combines the best international experience and domestic potential of higher education and science in the process of training highly qualified personnel in the field of Economics, ensuring full integration into the world educational space.


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