Transport construction, bridges and tunnels

About the department

Department of "Transport construction, bridges and tunnels" was organized in 2004.

The work of the Department aims at preparing professionals with a deep theoretical and practical training, sound professional knowledge, skills and abilities, relevant state educational standards of education specialties:

5В074500 – "Transport construction" by specialization 1)"the Construction of roads and airfields": a profile "Building of automobile roads", profile "Construction of Railways", 2) "Bridges and tunnels".

5B072900 – "Construction"

The Department trains specialists in the design of bridges, Railways and motor roads and their exploitation.

The objects of professional activity of graduates 5В074500– "Transport construction" are: construction management and organization, factories on manufacture of building products, public utilities, enterprises for the maintenance and repair of construction machinery and equipment, joint enterprises on construction.

The Department trains masters in the field, 6М074500 - "Transport construction"

Head of Department, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor of Zhalaiyrs Asylkhan Kasenovich. The Department has 4 doctors and 13 candidates of technical Sciences, 3 senior teachers.

PPS Department is highly qualified, professional staff of various schools, taking an active part in scientific life of the University

Areas of activity of the department

The efforts of the staff of the Department "Transport construction, bridges and tunnels" entered into the contract on scientific-technical cooperation with leading enterprises and organizations, in particular with the following local companies: the track of the Almaty branch of the main networks of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy", JSC "Kazakhstan road research Institute", LLP "ASDI", LLP "Telsim" LLP, "concrete products", as well as with foreign: SSP consulting engineers KONSALT, OOO (Stuttgart, Germany), Tashkent Institute of railway engineers", Kyrgyz state University of construction, transport and architecture (KSUCTA), Saint Petersburg state University of telecommunications Prof. im. M. A. Bonch-Bruevich, Moscow state technical University. Bauman.

Academician of the Engineering Academy of the Russian Federation candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor Siberian state Railways Vasiliev Sergey Petrovich lectured a doctoral student and a graduate course on "Numerical methods of calculation of railway track".

In the framework of cooperation exchange of teaching materials, consultations, joint research and development. On the basis of these schools PPP pass courses of improvement of qualifications.

To assess the quality of the lessons teachers conducted a survey "the Teachers through students 'eyes". The University shall conduct internal quality control of teaching by attendance of teachers on the schedule to check for schedules, work programs, guidelines and laboratory work.

Educational work

The Department provides basic and specialized discipline specialties 5B072900 – "Construction", 5В074500 – "Transport construction", 5В073000 –"Production of building materials, products and structures".

Staff of the Department participate in the development of state educational standards on specialty "Transport construction" and other measures for the organization of educational process and implementation of the basic educational programs for undergraduate and graduate programs.

The main objectives of the Department are:

- improving the quality of training through improved educational programs;

- the development of new information technologies of training;

- phased integration of academic science and higher education;

-create an effective system of professional development for the retraining of teaching staff.

In all disciplines assigned to the Department developed emcd.

The Department is working to implement best practices to introduce modern methods of organization of educational process. Together with other methods of control of students ' knowledge test-use rating system that enables to improve the efficiency and quality of training. Independent work of students is conducted under the supervision of the Department, according to the approved schedule. A record of performance calculation and graphic works, course projects and papers, whose results are discussed in Department meetings.

The midterm and interim control of students by using an automated program "uTest" through the computer centre of the University.

During the control of educational achievements of students of PPS used: a written control, combined control, testing, and training.

Practice of all kinds is conducted according to the academic calendar and the requirements of SES RK 5.03.005-2009.

Methodical work

Objectives of methodical work of the Department are:

-scientific and methodological support of educational programs;

-development and introduction of new and improvement of existing technologies, methods and means of educational process;

-training and professional skill of teaching staff.

The Department in all disciplines developed working curricula and program subjects for students.

In recent years teachers of the Department prepared 5 manuals, 1 monograph. Acquired and developed 147 electronic textbooks and manuals, 20 multimedijnyj training programs.

In all specialties the guidelines for independent work of students, developed the test tasks. During each academic period by an examination of test tasks.

Analysis of the quality of teaching and level of academic achievement is the graph of the attendances of classes.

Research work

The Department carries out educational work on the approved plan. Basic topics on educational work dedicated to President's address, Kazakhstan – 2030, discussion of the State strategy "Kazakhstan-2030". To address this issue at the beginning of the school year, the main directions of the message distributed among the students and after some time settled disputes. Another piece of work dedicated to the Kazakhstan patriotism (study of the custom of the Kazakh people, respect the senior, love to the native land, love symbols – emblem, flag, anthem), visiting the Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and excursions to historical places. The third part of the educational work on healthy lifestyle (passing the presidential tests, participation in sports activities area and the city).

The above mentioned work is performed by curators of educational groups and Department staff.

During the school year organized round tables dedicated to domestic and foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For this purpose, the students in the beginning of the school year shall be appointed propagandists. For healthy lifestyle of students is responsible sports sector.

Cultural sector of students participating in the concert programs of the University dedicated to remarkable dates. During the academic year curators of educational groups visited with the students of the drama theatre after M. Auezov state academic theatre of Opera and ballet.Abaya and cinemas of Almaty.

The information sector holds events on the theme "We are against Smoking and AIDS," information produces the wall newspaper. Curators of educational groups are mobilizing students for community work days on cleaning of territory of educational buildings of the University and assigned to the University parts of the district. The curators of senior courses, organizes students ' meetings with former employees of telecommunication sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan, honored railway Kopzhasarova A. A., by Isingarin N. M. Omarov D. K., and H. T. Asabaeva Imantaeva S. A., participants of the Great Patriotic war in the district.

Students of educational groups participate in scientific conferences held at the University under the supervision of leading specialists of the Department.

Members of the Department during the academic year, according to the plan, the Department spend their days in the dormitories of the University in selected specialties.


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